It's  not easy to find an instructor at a time and date convenient to my  schedule, let alone an exceptional seasoned instructor like Mr. Hammond.   I am quite impressed with his way of teaching, his ability to maintain  my attention to retain as much information, challenging me to ask  questions that he answered with unselfish sharing of his vast knowledge  & experiences. If you'd pay close attention, he throws-in many tips  that I personally feel most instructors would've kept to themselves  unless asked, tips which are worth hundreds if not thousands, along with  the time put on actual shooting and hands-on experiences. Not only that  he has a very strong emphasis on safety, each tidbits of information he  shared had improved my shooting accuracy by 100%.  Although I had been  shooting since 1999, I had not shot since 2012, it's been a long time  and yet he had brought back my confidence and actually improved my  shooting skills. In spite of the fact that I had dozens of varied  practical shooting seminars in the past, Mr. Hammond's way of coaching  and directing is unparalleled as you can really see the improvement to  yourself if you follow his guidance. He has a very sincere and keen  interest in helping improve his student's skill level, no matter how  long it takes, he'll patiently get you there. How many instructors out  there would not equate time with money? None. Mr. Hammond spent a great  deal of his precious time with me that I don't get to go till I get it  perfect; that is honest to goodness a very good and concerned  instructor, he really loves what he does regardless of exceeding the  allotted time for the course. He is genuinely happy to see me having fun  at the range, very attentive and generous with his time and skills. All  in all I had lots of fun, learned a lot, and it's a great &  wonderfully rewarding experience. Thank you very much Mr. Hammond.  Sincerely, ~Armando