What to bring and what not to bring to class

 Snacks/refreshments.  Coffee and bottled water will always be available, free of charge.  For classes that last more than 5 hours (MD Wear and Carry initial and renewal), please bring a packed lunch or money to order delivery. 

 Notepad and pens/pencils.  Taking notes is encouraged and considered a good sign that you are serious about the training. 

 Hat/cap with a bill/brim.  Hot brass and the sensitive skin of your neck don't mix well.

 Hearing protection.  Foam earplugs are usually available for a very reasonable fee (less than $1.00) at the range but quality earmuff and/or noise reduction hearing protection is recommended. 

 Weather appropriate clothing.  Shorts/T-shirt is fine for summer, but for fall/winter classes, please wear seasonal-appropriate clothing.  The Hap Baker Range does provide for protection from rain/snow, but is unheated and not air-conditioned.  Dress appropriately to be able to spend at least 30 minutes outdoors for the range portion.

 Your firearm.  As long as it is legally owned and transported in accordance with MD law (cased and unloaded unless you are a Wear & Carry Permit holder or LEO), feel free to bring your gun to class.  Please inform instructor upon arrival and before removing from vehicle.  If you are not sure as to MD law regarding transport of a specific firearm, please contact the instructor prior to class. 

 A good attitude.  Some of the information may be old-news to you but may be the first time another student is being exposed to it.  MD law and NRA regulations require that all students are presented specific information.

 USB drive.  If you would like a digital copy of any handouts and PowerPoint/audio/visual presentations, feel free to bring a USB (thumb) drive and ask the instructor for a digital copy.
 Do NOT Bring: 

 Friends/Family members (unless they are enrolled in the course).  Firearms safety is not something to be taken lightly.  Students are expected to “be there” both physically and mentally.  Alternate scheduling and class locations are available upon request.

 Alcohol/Drugs (unless the name on the prescription bottle matches the name on your driver's license).  No illegal drugs (including marajuana) will be tolerated and WILL be reported to the proper authorities.

 Cell phone/pager if it will be a distraction.  We all have responsibilities to children, aging parents, jobs, etc...  but please put your phone on vibrate and refrain from it becoming a distraction to other students or the instructor.  Breaks will be given at least once per hour for students to snack, smoke, check phones, etc... 

 Ammunition.  In accordance with guidelines set by the state of Maryand and the NRA, no live ammunition may be present in the classroom.  Current MD Wear and Carry permit holders and Law Enforcement Officers are the exception, but will still need to have any and all live ammunition and loaded magazines placed in a lock-box prior to the start of the course.