Why Choose Top Notch Training?

Small Class Size

Classes will feature private or semi-private instruction.  This allows for a 1:1 or 2:1 Student to Instructor ratio.  Students will never feel left behind the rest of the group  and the pace of instruction will be tailored to your needs.

All classes will run even if only one student is scheduled.  No need to worry about rescheduling a class due to not enough people signing up.

Flexible Scheduling

Not everyone works a standard 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday schedule.  Responsibilities to family, work, religious or civic organizations can be difficult for many people to schedule around.  Along with the traditional weekend and/or weekday evening classes, students can elect for weekday morning or weekday afternoon classes.   If the only time you have available for class is 10pm on a weekday, then we will make every attempt to arrange for you to be able to take your class at that time.  (The Live-Fire portion of the training will need to take place during standard range hours.)

Dedicated Training Facility

The new classroom training facility at 202 E. Main St., in Westminster, MD is a dedicated firearms training classroom that is located in a professional office setting.  Students can expect a classroom setting that is free from noise and distractions and  has been designed specifically for the role of firearms training.

Flexible Class Locations

Just as some students have a schedule that does not allow for traditional class times, many students also have limitations on their travel due to physical and family situations.  While training at our classroom facility is preferred, if this is not possible then the training can be brought to you within a reasonable distance from Westminster, MD.  Minimal additional expenses may apply but will be limited to actual tolls paid and/or actual gasoline used in travel.   (The Live Fire portion of the training will need to take place at a range that allows outside instruction.) 

Access to Instructor

Following your training, you may have folow-up questions or want professional advice weeks or months after you complete your course.  Feel free to contact the instructor with any questions or if you need advice on anything related to the course subject matter.

Quality Instruction

Owner/operator of Top Notch Training, Tom Hammond is a full-time firearms instructor and former USMC Infantryman with over 3 decades of shooting experience as an avid hunter and recreational shooter.  NRA Certified Instructor - Pistol and Maryland Qualified Handgun Instructor - Certified.